My passion drives me to such a wide variety of media that I have become a “Jack-of-All-Trades” when it comes to Arts & Crafts. As a jewelry artist, metals, enamels and natural and man-made stones are my primary passion, however woodwork; clays (both ceramic and polymer); paints of all kinds, including acrylic, enamel, latex and watercolor; and even plastics and enamel resins have all found their way into my studio and into my heart.

Eclectic renaissance best describes my body of work. Wire-work and cold-connection metalsmith jewelry are precise, symmetrical, often architectural in design, while my paintings, boxes and clay designs usually take on abstract or modern expressionism characteristics. My plastic and enamel resin jewelry and accessories are always whimsical and fun and much of my beadwork incorporates my “13th Bead” technique just to keep it interesting.

My inspiration comes from everywhere: Nature (clouds, trees, animals, plants, textures, colors, insects, etc), the spokes on a spinning hubcap, tracks made by a child’s toy in the dirt, even my own hair as it washes down the drain in the shower.

Tools and working canvases come from anywhere too.  I’ve discovered that practically anything and everything has a potential use.

Other interests that inspire and are often incorporated into my work include writing – both poetry and prose, computer graphic design, photography, math, logic and programming.

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